Crown Estates Tokaji Essencia sweet 2007 - Grand Tokaj

Crown Estates Tokaji Essencia sweet 2007

The wine is defined by an amber-golden yellow hue that is paired with an oily, dense texture. The deep botrytis notes become apparent in it’s aroma immediately that the significant smoky, smooth, oily texture carries on it’s shoulder that is made complete by a fruity finish. The wine has a very complex taste as a result of it’s lively acids and strong, penetrating botrytis traits.

Serving temperature:10-11°C

Harvest information

The 2007 vintage presented average weather conditions during the majority of the growing season therefore we managed to harvest all our produced grape varieties in fully ripe condition at the accustomed time.

Winemaking technique

The aszú (botrytised) berries are harvested from the vine-stocks individually and collected into special vats. As the accumulated aszú berries pile up on each other they are crushed under their own weight – without any extenal, mechanical aid – and free-run juice starts slowly dripping which in turn is extracted for the making of the Essencia. The free-run juice collected through this traditional method then goes through a slow, years-long process of fermentation in a persistent environment with a steady temperature of approximately 10°C and an outstandingly high (>90%) relative humidity in our centuries old wine cellar in Szegi.


The wine is currently commercially available.

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