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The wine has aromas of fresh dried apricots, spring chamomile blossoms, dried orange and tropical fruits along with a tender hint of pink pepper. Savouring ... Next

Tokaji Szamorodni sweet 2013

The aroma has spicy characters with elegant botrytis and vanilla originating from the barrel-aging and complemented by a typical citrusiness. In its well-balanced flavour profile ... Next

Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos sweet 2014

This wine displays a vibrant yellow tint. It has a highly complex fragrance. Botrytis due to the aszú berries, orange peel and brittle, figs and ... Next

Crown Estates Tokaji Essencia sweet 2007

The wine is defined by an amber-golden yellow hue that is paired with an oily, dense texture. The deep botrytis notes become apparent in it’s ... Next