N°8 dry 2020 - Grand Tokaj

N°8 dry 2020

Light yellow-green colour. It’s clean fragrance is defined by the fruitiness of the vintage with pear, smoky apricots and spring flowers. The taste of the complex blend of Hárslevelű and Furmint is a testament of the diverse flavors of the eight wine communities of the Tokaj wine region. It’s aromatic sense of smell is followed by it’s harmonic taste. The Hárslevelű honey-flower aroma complements excellently with the vitality and fullness of the Furmint.

Serving temperature:10°C

Harvest information

Harvested in the middle of September from whole, healthy grapes in the 8 wine communities of Tokaj-Hegyalja.

Winemaking technique

The healthy Hárslevelű and Furmint grapes were first pressed gently, then the must was cleared, before being fermented in stainless steel tanks. Lastly the fermented new wines were blended.

Suggested dishes

Recommended with fish, white meats and salads.


The wine is currently commercially available.

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