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Muscat Blanc off-dry 2017

A light, fruity wine that exhibits the beauty and virtues of the Sárgamuskotály grapes. It displays a yellow-green hue in appearance and it’s fragrance incorporates a tactful spiciness with the smoothness and sweetness of the Muscat grapes. Besides fresh citrus a hint of chamomile flower can be detected. The flavour of Sárgamuskotály lingers long in the mouth. Notes of lime and pear fruitiness complements the perfect harmony of acidity and sweetness of this wine as white peach dominates the palate. Elegant, but resolute, crisp acids make this wine complete and lenghty in finish. An excellent aperitif.

Serving temperature:10°C

Harvest information

The hand-picked Sárgamuskotály grapes were harvested into plastic containers in fully ripe, whole and undamaged condition.

Winemaking technique

The whole, healthy grapes were immediately pressed by low force pressure. The extracted must was sedimented and fermented at low temperature then inoculated with selected yeasts. In order to keep the primary Muscat flavours, aromas and fruitiness it was kept in a reductive environment until bottling.

Suggested dishes

Recommended with sea fishes, green salads and fruit salads.


The wine is currently commercially available.

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