Late Harvest - Grand Tokaj

Late Harvest

Late harvested sweet wine. On the nose it brings orange and lime, fruits and freshness, mild caramel and botrytis. On the palate there is harmony of pear, quince and southern fruits, overripe and dehidrated aszú berries, which is completed in a beautiful botrytis-like dominance. The sweetness is not overwhelming, fresh fruitiness is dominant  alongside of botrytis notes. There is a nice balance of sugar and acid.

Serving temperature:11-12°C

Harvest information

The harvest took place during October-November of 2016. We selected bunches of predominantly overripe, dehidrated, assorted grapevine varieties from Tokaj-Hegyalja.

Winemaking technique

Each variety was processed separately. After maceration overnight in the press, the grapes were pressed and the extracted must was sedimented and cooled. They were blended after controlled fermentation and then the wine was fined in a tank until bottling.


Currently commercially available.

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