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Kővágó Furmint dry 2019

The refreshing trait of the wine mixes excellently with the relish of the Furmint grape that is accompanied by the mineral feature of the Kővágó terroir. As a result of the ageing process in new barrels a smoky sensation is present along with the full-bodied characteristic of the Furmint grape paired with a vibrant fruity grapefruit flavour. This is a full-bodied wine with a long finish, complete with an aftertaste of minerals and salt.

Serving temperature:12°C

Harvest information

Picked mid-September 2015 in the Kővágó vineyard plot in Mád, carefully selected and harvested in small crates.

Winemaking technique

Thanks to the good vintage we managed to harvest excellent, completely healthy Furmint. Grapes were transported in plastic containers and placed in the press in whole clusters. After delicate juice extraction the must was settled and fermented in brand new 5hl toasted (LT, M, M+) oak barrels purchased from two coopers and was matured until mid-April on fine lees.

Suggested dishes

Recommended with cheese and salmon.


The wine is currently commercially available.

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