Grand Tokaj Szamorodni - Grand Tokaj

Grand Tokaj Szamorodni

A complex wine with characteristic Tokaji Szamorodni flavours and aromas but also with refreshing fruitiness. While the typical citrus, vanilla and noble botrytis traits are present in the wine, honey, peach and tropical fruit notes dominate the palate. Succulent fruits, creamy texture, vibrating acids and a long finish defines this wine.

Serving temperature:10-12°C

Harvest information

A sweet Tokaji wine speciality made from shrivelled and botrytised berries harvested in October-November 2017.

Winemaking technique

The must was macerated overnight then cold-settled overnight after pressing. The wine was matured for over a year in Hungarian oak barrels in our underground Szegi cellar.


Currently commercially available.

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