Grand Tokaj Esszencia - Grand Tokaj

Grand Tokaj Esszencia

Defined by the special tastes and aromas of the aszú berries, sugar and mineral substances. It’s colour is a vibrating golden-yellow and it’s flavour and fragrance is characterised by a great balance between zesty fruitiness and the intense botrytis traits.

Serving temperature:10-11°C

Harvest information

The Tokaji Essencia is made from individually harvested aszú berries which are affected by noble rot and become botrytised on the grapevine as a result of Botrytis Cinerea. The 2013 vintage was an outstanding one, we managed to harvest high quality aszú berries fully encompassed by botrytis.

Winemaking technique

This Tokaji wine speciality is the extracted nectar of aszú (botrytised) berries which is created when the berries are piled on top of each other and are crushed under their own weight without the use of any external pressure.


Currently commercially available.

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