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Late Harvest

Late harvested sweet wine. On the nose it brings orange and lime, fruits and freshness, mild caramel and botrytis. On the palate there is harmony ... Next

Grand Tokaj Szamorodni

A complex wine with characteristic Tokaji Szamorodni flavours and aromas but also with refreshing fruitiness. While the typical citrus, vanilla and noble botrytis traits are ... Next

Grand Tokaj Esszencia

Defined by the special tastes and aromas of the aszú berries, sugar and mineral substances. It’s colour is a vibrating golden-yellow and it’s flavour and ... Next

Grand Tokaj Szarvas Aszú

A loess-rich terroir aspect is present in this wine’s aroma. Besides the botrytis, notes of pear, dried chamomile and brittled orange peel appear. The wine ... Next

N°8 dry 2020

Light yellow-green colour. It’s clean fragrance is defined by the fruitiness of the vintage with pear, smoky apricots and spring flowers. The taste of the ... Next

Muscat Blanc off-dry 2017

A light, fruity wine that exhibits the beauty and virtues of the Sárgamuskotály grapes. It displays a yellow-green hue in appearance and it’s fragrance incorporates ... Next

Furmint dry 2015

It’s fragrance is characterised by mellow white peach, fresh grape flowers, a breath of smokiness from ageing in barrels and the clean aspect of Furmint. ... Next

Kővágó Furmint dry 2016

The refreshing trait of the wine mixes excellently with the relish of the Furmint grape that is accompanied by the mineral feature of the Kővágó ... Next

Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos sweet 2013

A wine with very complex, exquisite aromas it is composed of botrytis from the shrivelled aszú berries and features peach, orange peel, brittle, figs, exotic ... Next

Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos sweet 2013

The wine has aromas of fresh dried apricots, spring chamomile blossoms, dried orange and tropical fruits along with a tender hint of pink pepper. Savouring ... Next


Our first sparkling wine. Served in the glass, the harmony of the yellow colour with green reflexes and the finely distributed bubbles are present. On ... Next

Grand Tokaj Furmint

Its fragrance is characterised by mellow white peach, fresh grape flowers, a breath of smokiness from barrel-aging and the clean aspect of Furmint. Savoring it, ... Next