Tokaji Aszú pomace pálinka

Aszú pomace or aszú marc (aszútörköly) is the residue produced from the leftover skin and pulp of botrytised (aszú) grapes during the production of the famous Tokaji Aszú wines. The flavour and fragrance of the botrytised grape berries present in this drink emphasize the peculiar Tokaji characteristics. Made using traditional pálinka brewing techniques and matured in oak casks, this is a very special, unique Hungarian beverage - a real Hungaricum.

Serving temperature: 16-19 °C

The aszú pomace (aszútörköly) palinka as an aperitif drink is a great way to start a meal and is just as perfectly capable of providing a smooth finish to the culinary experience.

The pálinka is currently commercially available.