Late Harvest Tokaji Furmint sweet - Grand Tokaj

Late Harvest Tokaji Furmint sweet

This fresh, fruity, light sweet wine introduces a new face for the Tokaji wines. By harvest time in late October the berries had become overripe due to the high number of sunny hours, developing a high sugar content and excellent analytic values. With the help of careful processing and the state-of-the-art technology the original fruitiness of the grape and the character of the Furmint variety was preserved resulting in a late harvest wine of the highest quality.

Serving temperature:11-12°C

Harvest information

The key to making a successful late harvest wine is in the careful selection of the harvest’s date. We aim to harvest at a time when we see the accumulation of fully ripe, shrivelled, sometimes botrytised berries so as to conceive these rich, fruity, light wines.

Winemaking technique

The introduction of our late harvest wines were founded on modern innovations and technology such as controlled fermentation and reductive technology. The harvested grapes were transported to our state-of-the-art processing plant in Tolcsva where following gentle crushing and destemming they were soaked for a few hours and finally pressed using vacuum membrane presses. The must was clarified by traditional sedimentation and fermented on a pre-determined temperature using selected yeasts.


The wine is currently commercially available.

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