Pillanat - Grand Tokaj


Our first sparkling wine. Served in the glass, the harmony of the yellow colour with green reflexes and the finely distributed bubbles are present. On the nose it immediately gives the peach, pear and floral character. On the palate we get a light, fresh and elegant wine. The bubbles playfully blend into the overall taste of the wine and are finely enhanced by the lime and peach notes.

Serving temperature:6-8°C

Harvest information

The raw material was harvested at the beginnig of September 2019. Healthy, botrytis-free Furmint, Hárslevelű and Sárgamuskotály.

Winemaking technique

After immediate, rapid processing and sedimentation it was fermented closed-off from oxygen with prosecco yeast. After clarification and filtration we kept it tempered for 4 weeks and the fine distribution of the bubbles and the pressure of 2.5 bar were achieved by the slow addition of carbon dioxide, after which they were bottled.

Suggested dishes

Works well as an aperitif and with light salads.


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