Frutti - Grand Tokaj


A semi-sweet, intoxicatingly fruity member of our company’s freshest wine couple. Its lush perfumy character is complemented by ripe, juicy fruity notes. A suitable accompaniment to light summer desserts.

Serving temperature:10°C

Harvest information

The purchased raw material was harvested at the beginnig of September 2019. Healthy, botrytis-free Furmint, Hárslevelű and Sárgamuskotály.

Winemaking technique

After immediate, rapid processing and sedimentation it was fermented under oxygen-free conditions with the help of added yeast. After clarification and filtration, it was aged for a short time in a steel tank and then bottled.

Suggested dishes

Goes nicely with light, fruity desserts such as cheesecake.


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