Top 100 Hungarian Wines of 2019 - Grand Tokaj

Top 100 Hungarian Wines of 2019

2019. October 01.

Thanks to the success of the previous issue, the committee of experts of the jorunal published a list of the most popular wines of the hungarian market. The committe – led by the international wine-academician Attila Fiáth – selected wines which are continually distributed at the country. The list of TOP 100 Hungarian wines is not based on the award-winners of wine competitions this time. The publisher would like to give the most important informations for the costumers, but unfortunatelly the wines of the competitions are not always easy to get. They believe this kind of lists must help to inform the costumers about the wines which worth to taste, and also possible to buy from shops.

Grand Tokaj is proud for beeing represented on the list among the most efficient wineries and The Tokaj Wine Region is  also one of the most successful region in the country:

In total:

4. helyen a Tokaji aszú, 5 puttonyos, 2013
6. helyen a Furmint 2015
34. helyen a Szamorodni 2013
45. helyen a Late Harvest 2016

In addition:

  • Our 2015 Furmint was placed second in the top five.
  • Our 2013 5 puttonyos Tokaji aszú was placed second in the top five sweet wines.