Tasting in Szegi - Grand Tokaj

Tasting in Szegi

2019. November 26.

The Grand Tokaj winery boasts the largest cellar in the Tokaj Wine Region and East-Central Europe as a whole. The winery built the cellar into the Hatalos Hill on the edge of the villages of Szegi and Szegilong more than a quarter of a century ago, converting a series of 400-year-old rock mines. The five kilometre-long, two-storey cellar system interlinks four underground rockdust mines.

The vast cellar system is used for the storage and maturing of wines, its temperature providing excellent conditions for maturing Aszú and Szamorodni wines in wooden barrels. The cellars can accommodate several thousand such barrels.

One of the largest separate units is the five-aisle Tarsovits Hall, which provides an optimum environment for maturing 1,500–2,000 hectolitres of wine. On the cellar’s upper level, six parallel sections branching off from the main passageway linking the rockdust mines have been set aside for the display of vintage wines. Here wines of the best vintages from the 1920s onwards are stored.

Three tasting rooms are available for visitors to the cellars depending on the size of the group.

During their visit, guests at the Szegi Cellar have the chance not only to familiarise themselves with the extraordinary cellar system, but also to taste the winery’s outstanding range of wines. By preliminary agreement, wine snacks and hot dishes may also be ordered according to needs.


If you would like to visit the cellars or to take part in a wine tasting, please contact our responsible colleague at the winery!

 Contact (registration): Marketing department

Phone: +36 (47) 384 164

Email: marketing@grandtokaj.com