2021. September 03.

The ownership of Grand Tokaj Zrt. has been handed over from the state to the Tokaj-Hegyalja University Foundation. We consider the establishment of the higher education institution to be a historic initiative.

The president of the foundation said in a press conference in Budapest that the government had repaid an old debt by setting up the institution, as the history of local higher education dates back to the 17th century. A will be the Tokaj Wine Business Institute will become a unique initiative, which will provide postgraduate training for winemakers.

The CEO of Grand Tokaj Zrt. Added that the change of ownership is considered to be the beginning of a new era. Gergely Goreczky emphasized that the renewal of the company had already started in 2013, they had improved their profitability with strict management. The company produce almost 5 million bottles a year, sells them in 38 countries and is confident of further expansion.

The chief winemaker of Grand Tokaj Zrt. Also welcomed the connection between the university and the company. According to Károly Áts, the local farmers also benefit from the relations, the quality has improved a lot in the recent years.