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This summer we had the opportunity to visit our favourite vineyards. In the meantime, we asked some of our colleagues to stick with us and show us what they like best in their everyday jobs.

Károly Áts, head winemaker

I love my colleagues. There are five of us with our five different ways, but when we sample wine we speak the same language. We have one goal in mind in every work process from harvest to final blending: to make the best wine, be it dry or sweet.

I love Tokaj and the „esszencia” is the true essence of Tokaj itself. Anyone who hasn't tasted it yet doesn't know what this wine region is all about. There is no such thing as a glass of essence. There is only one sip, but that sip is the miracle itself. I'll be honest: the winemaker has the least to do with this type of wine, it all depends on the surrounding mountains and microclimate. And, of course, on the fewer and fewer women in Tokaj with special talent and strength, who still pick the most perfect shriveled berries one by one.

Adrienn Czemiczki, vineyard inspector

I love the Pető vineyard. I am from Tolcsva, I love this piece of land and how the hills surround the village. I walk these slopes all day as a vineyard inspector, many times we walk up to the top of Pető after work, where our head-trained furmints grow. On the tallest, stony terraces, on small plateaus that are difficult to cultivate, vines yield little, but the tiny bunches that grow close to the ground produce quite exceptionally rich berries here, in good vintages.

I love bubbles. If I only have one shot, the first one that comes up is the Pillanat. It's summer, it's hot, it's time for cold sparkling wines. Although the current vintage of the Pillanat is so elegant that it can be perfect for any season. The locally grown chardonnay beautifully completes the furmint and the hárslevelű in the blend.

Miklós Kamasinszki, the maintainer of the bottling facility

I love to work with wine. I’ve been working in the bottling facility since 1982 and there are two things that really make me happy: the cleanliness and if I can solve a hidden problem, I can fix a small bug on the filler. Okay. The third is my wife, whom I also met here at the winery.

Erzsébet Farkas, Export Manager

I like that I can work openly and honestly, that everything is about human relationships in a day’s work for me. Though my aim is to sell, and my partners’ is to buy wine, still the essential parts of my job are human relations, conversation and to get a better understanding of my partners' needs.

Attila Lukács, Production Shift Manager

I’m fond of responsibilities. The sweet burden of being the last person to sample the wines just before we start filling the bottles. Every morning begins with a professional inspection and careful tasting so we can finally start to operate the thoroughly disinfected and well prepared filler.

György Bartus, product relations

I love the Szarvas vineyard, from where there is a view to the end of the world and beyond. A steep hillside open to the south towards the Great Plain, with the Tisza below and the forest above us. A fairytale-like place with a sumptuous panorama. Even the mischievous worm, the phylloxera, could not spoil the vines growing here on a fine loess soil.

I like to smile. And when someone drinks aszú, one is never sad, the mouth immediately turns into a smile. Harmony is what I look for in a wine and furmint shows me its best capabilities, balance and potentials in the form of aszú. The way the sugar hugs around the delicious acids in the wine - well, that's the source of the smile for me.

László Medzsibiriczki, winemaker

I’m passionate about harvests. The moments of determination. That's when everything comes clear: selecting the incoming bunches all day, brainstorming with Karcsi Áts in the evenings deciding about yeasts and must, while our huge and beautiful Bucher presses are working. I can only calm down when at the end of the harvest, after sampling all the fermenting must Karcsi says, „well, now this is good.”

I love furmint, it is perhaps the most versatile grape variety: it can make a fresh fruit bomb, a rich, mineral dry or an elegant sweet wine. This estate furmint is made in a chilled tank to show the most floral, white-fleshed fruity side of the variety in the glass, but it has also been introduced to oak which, I feel, gives this wine its very soul.

Judit Sütő Klubertné, labor and quality assurance manager

"I love to work with wine because it is never boring, never monotonous. The year goes on from harvest to harvest and the most exciting part is when we gather the whole winemaking team to create the final blends using the many exciting components. After numerous serious quarrels we finally click together over the difficult decisions like blended wines in a tasting glass."

I like sweet wines. The elegance, the beautiful harmony of the grape varieties of Tokaj, and especially the muscat lunel, which so delicately and refinedly spices up this late-harvest sweet wine. It’s so fresh and fruity and at the same time so Tokaji…

Márton Matisz, vineyard inspector

"I adore Mád. Although I grew up on the banks of the Tolcsva stream, the fantastic vineyards of the Mád basin enchant me every day. Here in Kővágó, we only grow furmint and furmint is a grateful variety. If we take care of it, it perfectly reflects the richness of the soil of the Mád area. Just next door where the Suba mine is situated, there can clearly be seen the exceptional, rich volcanic soil, on which we get to do our work."

I love the Kővágó, not only the vineyard itself, but also our vineyard-selected furmint. Real, genuine furmint from Mád with the amazing minerality of these petrous areas, I just love its fine elegance and the white-fleshed berries of the grapes grown here.

Tímea Bénó-Becskeházi, Pál Bartus and Emese Kassai-Fekete viticulture coordinators

We just love this pre-harvest buzz. This is the time when we make agreements with our long-time vine-grower partners on the details of harvest quantities and grape varieties. And this year, events have escalated so quiclky, as we expect the harvest to start very early, right after August 20, due to the dry and hot summer.